Web Based Software

Inspection Report Creator software is web-based meaning you can access the software from almost any device with a web browser and internet access.  

Devices: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Droid, SmartPhone, Blackberry, Tablet, Etc.
Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Etc.
Internet Access: Home/office network, 3G or 4G wireless, Wi-Fi, Etc.

Web-based inspection report software has not only the advantage of being accessible from so many different devices, but also has the advantage of storing your inspection data offsite on our secure servers as you do your inspections.  This means that even if one of your computers or devices fails or becomes inaccessible, you will still be able to access your inspection reports from any other device with internet access.

How Does the Web-Based Inspection Report Creator Software Work?
  • Login from our website with your username/password
  • Start doing your inspection or pickup where you left off
  • Inspection report data saves as you go
  • Print the reports on site, email it, or wait and print it later