Customizable Forms

Inspection Report Creator includes all the forms you need to write a professional home inspection report according to national standards.  We also understand that each home inspector has his or her own preference as to how they collect the information for the report and in what way that information is presented to the client.  

Inspection Report Creator software allows you to customize each section of the report including not only adding as many custom forms as you wish, but also allowing you to duplicate and customize existing forms that are pre-packaged with the web-based software.

Features like these make Inspection Report Creator an open-ended solution for home inspectors, mold inspectors, pest inspectors, and more!

Customizable Forms Offer Outstanding Flexibility

  • Add as many sections or forms as you wish
  • Include controls like text boxes, option buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and more
  • Duplicate (copy) existing forms or sections
  • Style your reports exactly how you want them